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ISEE is a specialist engineering company in the Embedded Systems founded in 2006 by AgustĂ­ Fontquerni and Manel Caro on the basis of dedication, honesty and knowledge to offer complete embedded solutions that help industries improving their production level, lowering costs and reducing time to market of their products.

The best support experience

The experienced gained over all these years of hard work, is a back up that support our solutions through a well experienced team of Top Level engineers always committed to deliver tailor made and unique solutions for every need requested. ISEE products offer advanced function and open source software at industry-leading prices in low or high volume.

By streamlining business processes and methods, ISEE achieves speed, responsiveness and cost savings that are reflected in our product engineering, pricing and delivery.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the mobile, telecommunications, electrical engineering & monitoring and embedded systems markets are highly attracted to IGEP™ Technology. The advanced devices offered through the application of IGEP Technology, are designed in our modern Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.



Our goal is to be innovators world class suppliers of uniqe, reliable and comprehensive solutions



To contribute towards our customers success, through tailor-made reliable solutions, with high quality devices and services.



Growth, trust, honesty, quality, service, knowledge.


Evolution of the company


  • ISEE starts its activity as Integration Software and Electric Engineering
  • The ISEE Engineers create the IGEP concept


  • ISEE creates the IGEP Technology
  • ISEE releases the first IGEP Platform based on ARM9


  • ISEE releases the second generation of IGEP Platform with IGEPv2
  • ISEE develops the IGEPv2 Expansion
  • ISEE develops IGEP Radar Techology


  • IGEP COM MODULE arrives to the market
  • IGEP COM PROTON arrives to the market
  • ISEE releases the IGEP COM MODULE expansion family with IGEP BERLIN and IGEP PARIS


  • IGEPv2 and all Expansion boards goes open source and open hardware licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 unported license
  • ISEE develops a new Module based on OMAP4 family processors


  • ISEE develops IGEP COM AQUILA the Cortex-A8 low cost solution
  • ISEE develops the new Platform IGEPv5 based on OMAP5 family


  • ISEE releases IGEP COM AQUILA and IGEP AQUILA Expansion
  • ISEE releases the new Platform IGEPv5


  • ISEE develops new modules based on SMARCTM protocol


  • ISEE releases its first SMARCTM modules: IGEPTM SMARCTM PXA2128 and IGEPTM SMARCTM iMX6


  • ISEE releases IGEPTM SMARCTM AM335x


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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