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ISEE is involved in projects for On-board Car Diagnostic Equipment, where the low-power consumption and small factor size of our products are key factors. From simple CAN BUS and JBUS analizers to control devices that display the information on TFT touch screens, sending data to other devices or servers using 3G, GPRS, WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB and geolocalizing its position via GPS.

These applications can run Operating Systems such Linux and allow the possibility to generate reports, check the historic diagnostic, save, load, print reports, etc.


Transportation & mobility

ISEE is providing its IGEP Technology to companies which are involved in a complete portfolio of solutions designed to improve the management of the urban space. Thanks to its integration, connectivity and versatility, ISEE products are helping the new Smart City to improve the performance in transportation and mobility.


Security & protection

ISEE is collaborating with several security and protection companies, offering high integration, reliable and industrial embedded solutions.

Applications such personal radios with voice and data streaming through RS232 and USB. Including video camera streaming through WIFI or low quality video through RS232 and USB when needed. Recording video and audio locally in the SD Card, and broadcasting information to all other users in the network.


Building & automation

ISEE is involved with several customers developing equipment for Domotics and Building Intelligence. In many of these developments the ARM cores used by ISEE in their board and modules do the main control. The flexibility and the high range of possibilities of communications make it an ideal solution for this market.



With very high video performance and the possibility of extended ways of communication ensures that ISEE's technology is the best solution for Multimedia and Gambling machines. Also they have the possibility to manage big size TFTs at full HD 720p.

These features are fitting ideal with the requirements for this market, combining commercial and industrial requirements. Also, the low power consumption for the ARM core makes it an ideal solution for portable machines. ISEE continues to add new interesting features for this market, including the integration of face recognition in their products, which would be useful in his market.


Industrial Automation

IGEP technology is an ideal solution for Automation Control and Industrial Automation. They have a great performance, combined with great communication features (Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232, USB, WIFI, Bluetooth, Profibus, etc.) and the possibility of managing a TFT, which can display a friendly graphical end user interface. Several companies worldwide are using it to apply to this sector, with industrial temperature range devices and high reliable solutions.



ISEE is collaborating with Companies in the Medical Equipment Market, integrating high reliable devices into the final product, which can take control of the final medical application and also communicate with different external devices through its extended connectivity. ISEE also offers solutions to control and monitor the entire process from a touch screen with an all-in-one embedded solution.


Point of sales, vending machines & handhel payment equipment

IGEP technology is also used as the main controller for vending machines. With a TFT screen the user can select the product to buy in an interactive 3D menu, while controlling the hardware of the machine. The same device can transfer its status and availability of each product by WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, GPRS, Ethernet and USB. ISEE is also working to add more new features as face recognition to add extended features such detection of user gender and age to prompt recommendations of specific products, as well as RFID technology and NFC (Near Field Communications).



ISEE is working closely with manufacturers of Fitness Equipment to offer integration of HD 720p video with broadcasting and displaying of realtime information via WIFI or Ethernet to every user that is connected to the network.


Radar applications

Radar applications have been developed using the ISEE's Radar Technology, including Vehicle Detection Radars, offering extended communication possibilites such RS232, Ethernet, WIFI, GPRS, 3G, etc.


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