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 Preinstalled software

Since the foundation of the company, all products include a firmware provided, installed and maintained by ISEE.



The preinstalled demo software on all ISEE products consists of:

  • IGEP X-Loader: a bootloader compatible with all IGEP Processor Boards

  • IGEP Kernel: a Linux Kernel maintained by ISEE and IGEP Community Members

  • IGEP Firmware Yocto: a Linux Distribution with a X Window System and Gnome Mobile based applications created with Yocto Platform Builder

The preinstalled firmware helps reducing time-to-market of new products, as your development team start working with a product with many functionalities already implemented and ready to be used.

The firmware of every product is also available as a single package at the ISEE downloads page, so developers can download and re-install it anytime.


All software is supported by ISEE and the IGEP Community

ISEE engineers improve and publish new revisions of the products software at the public GIT repository.

We are higly committed with Open Source Software, so all the source code of every firmware release is published and available at the public GIT repository, so your software developers don't start from scratch.

Moreover, IGEP Community members are remarcable contributors by improving and sharing their own software revisions with all users.

Many other users help us improving the software by requesting new features and reporting bugs at the public Bug Tracking utility.


Software distributions

There are many other supported software distributions for IGEP Processor Boards, such Android, Ubuntu, QNX, RiscOS, etc.

For more information visit the Software distributions page at the IGEP Communtiy.


Development tools

ISEE offers free development tools and resources for your dev team



software smallIGEP SDK Yocto Toolchain

IGEP SDK Yocto Toolchain provides all necessary tools like a cross compiler, embedded libraries, etc. to compile program sources for IGEP devices.


igep sdk virtual machine IGEP SDK Virtual Machine

The IGEP SDK Virtual Machine is a ready to use Virtual Machine that includes all the developer tools for IGEP Technology, which are already installed and configured to speed up the developing process.


eclipse Eclipse IDE

A multi-language software development environment comprising an IDE and an extensible plug-in system.

This IDE is a complete solution with debugging capabilities. This allows developers to direct access to deploy, build, run and debug your own project.


qtcreator Qt Creator

This IDE is focused to develop graphical user interface and applications, and also used for developing non-GUI programs such as command-line tools and consoles for servers.


codeblocksCodeblocks IDE

Codeblocks is a free and open source, cross-platform IDE which supports multiple compilers including GCC and MSVC.


gstreamer IGEP DSP Gstreamer Framework

IGEP DSP GST Framework is based on TI DVSDK and provides all DSP essential packages and the "gstreamer DSP plugin" ready to use with all IGEP Technology Devices.



 For more information about the development tools visit the IGEP Community Wiki


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