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I've been away from iGEPv5 development for about a year.
I've returned to find this nightmare!

I am really struggleing to navigate this site... it has taken me hours to find the link to sign-up, log in, and post a forum question.

my iGEPv5 board is dead.. or so it would seem.

There dont seem to be any download links for iGEPv5, and all the wiki posts are for iGEPv2 at the latest.. so a-lot of this is guess-work.

Im powering it with 5 volts, 4 amps.
I have pins 5 and 7 on.
I have my serial port set to 115200 8N1
latest u-boot for iGEPv5 doesnt compile... misiing some source files compiler-gcc5.h
and hasent been commited to in years... so i guess the iGEPv5 is nolonger supported ?
I found some pre-compiled versions of MLO and u-boot.img on a wiki.
I coppied theese to the pirmary partitons of a SD card (fat32).

However... on powering up the machine, minicom shows NO output.
Yes, i have tried tapping return.

I know there is no OS (the wiki describes an oly website layout to find the iGEPv5 software download)
I managed ot find a yocto build... but that didnt support anything newer than iGEPv2.

Fortunatly. i dont need an OS right now...
For this stage in development, i just need u-boot.

Back when i first started developing for this board.. i was able to hit return to interrupt u-boot, and upload my test software over the serial cable.

Perhaps im missing a u-boot config file ???

Is this site, and development board dead ???

If anyone still has an SD boot partition that works, if you could make it available to me, i would be greatful!

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